High quality dried pineapple – 7 uses it brings that will surprise you

1/ What is dried pineapple?

Pineapple is grown a lot in the western provinces of Vietnam. Overall, we see that the pineapple has a rough skin, but inside it contains vitamin C and many nutrients that are beneficial to health. People also use this fruit to lose weight because it is low in calories and has many other benefits. . To preserve the fruit longer while still maintaining the delicious taste and nutrition of the fruit, people have dried it to meet consumer needs.

he drying process eliminates most of the water in the fruit, so it can be stored for long periods of time and not spoil or rot. Dried pineapple has a sweet, aromatic taste and can be used as a snack or as an ingredient in many dishes, such as salads or juices.

Like fresh pineapple, dried pineapple only reduces the amount of water in each piece of pineapple. The nutritional ingredients in dried pineapple or dried pineapple are not lost.

2/ Great uses from dried pineapple

  • Pineapple is rich in nutrients
    Pineapple is considered a low-calorie fruit but high in nutrients. According to experts in the field of nutrition, 1 cup of pineapple can contain nutritional ingredients such as protein, vitamin C, Manganese… These are essential substances for the body’s development. These ingredients will help you have a good immune system, stable health, and help you prevent many different diseases.

  • Pineapple contains extremely good antioxidants
    Just like other dried fruits, pineapple also contains good antioxidants. If you are afraid that you will get diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, then don’t forget to eat dried pineapple or you can mix dried pineapple with water to drink.
  • Helps you have a good digestive system
    If you often suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, don’t forget to eat pineapple. Because pineapple contains enzymes, this helps break down proteins. Supports a healthier digestive system.
  • Reduce the risk of cancer:
    Cancer is considered a malignant disease and currently there is no cure for it. It can only be treated with chemotherapy, but it is still difficult to treat completely. So you should eat pineapple or drink detox from pineapple to help you have good health and fight cancer-related cells.
  • Boost immunity and reduce arthritis when eating pineapple
    In traditional medicine, pineapple is a very good medicine for healing, because it contains many minerals, vitamins and enzymes such as bromelain, which help our bodies inhibit inflammatory agents and help the body recover. can produce immunity. This also helps the body prevent problems related to arthritis.
  • Pineapple helps speed recovery after surgery
    If you have surgery, don’t forget to eat pineapple, because pineapple contains bromelain, which is a very important substance that helps you reduce inflammation, swelling, pain and bruising after surgery. In addition to the above effects, vitamin C in pineapple also plays an essential role in creating collagen for the body. Collagen is an essential protein component that makes up the walls of blood vessels, skin, organs and bones.What effect does eating pineapple have on tissues and cells? The high vitamin C content in pineapples can heal wounds and body damage quickly. At the same time, adding pineapple to your diet can help you prevent infections and diseases. However, you should ask your doctor how long before you can eat dried pineapple to ensure the best health benefits

  • Pineapple helps prevent bone loss and regain good shape
    Dried pineapple or fresh pineapple both give you a sweet and aromatic flavor, so it is used a lot. If you want to have a healthy, beautiful body as well as strong bones, don’t forget to eat dried pineapple or drink pineapple juice every day.

3/ Is eating a lot of dried pineapple good?

Is eating pineapple good? The answer is yes, but if you eat too much it will cause serious health problems, such as:

  • Allergies: Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which can cause itching and inflammation of the skin on the face and tongue if eaten in large quantities. Usually these symptoms will subside after a few hours.
  • Makes teeth sensitive: Pineapple is acidic, so if you regularly eat pineapple for a long time, it will erode tooth enamel, causing sensitive teeth.
  • Increases blood sugar: Pineapple contains fructose, a type of sugar that increases blood glucose levels. So is eating a lot of pineapple good? The answer is no, especially people with diabetes need to limit the use of this fruit.
  • Diarrhea: Pineapple contains fiber to help support digestion, but eating too much pineapple can cause vomiting and diarrhea.
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