10 benefits in vegetable noodles?


1. Nutrition of vegetable noodles

How many calories in vegetable noodles?

There is no exact number on how many calories in vegetable noodles. The reason is because each brand’s different packaging and processing methods bring different calories.

Vegetable noodles do not contain many calories in one serving. How many calories are in vegetable noodles? It is only about 180 calories with a serving of 35g – 40g of vegetable noodles depending on the type.

According to the test results of the Vietnam National Institute of Nutrition, the National Institute of Food Hygiene and Safety, there are an average of 365-372 calories in 100g of vegetable noodles. Above, I answered the question of how many calories are in vegetable noodles? Here I will talk about the benefits of vegetable noodles.

2. Vitamins in vegetable noodles

Not only providing energy for the body, but vegetable noodles provide a range of nutrients needed by the body. And how many calories in vegetable noodles is less than 180 calories. In vegetable noodles contain many vitamins such as:

  • Vitamin A is good for eyesight, immune system, anti-inflammatory.
  • Vitamin C – an antioxidant for skin and bones.
  • Vitamin E protects the heart, against cardiovascular disease.
  • Vitamin K (common in noodles made from green vegetables) is good for blood and bones.
  • And vegetable noodles also contain a lot of fiber, which will be good for digestion and heart health.

Therefore, vegetable noodles are a reasonable choice of vitamin supplements, ideal for those who do not like to eat vegetables directly.


Mì Chùm Ngây MOFAN loại có gia vị giá sỉ, giá bán buôn - Thị Trường Sỉ

3. 10 Benefits of eating vegetables noodles

– Super good plant-based monounsaturated fat supplement for healthy eaters

– High fiber (crab) from vegetables and tubers: spinach, barley sprouts, red beets, beets, sand ginseng, …

– Supplement many vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, …

– Rich in vegetable protein.

– Fresh vegetable ingredients up to 30% cool, no worries about acne.

– Freeze-dried noodles are not fried, no additives, no preservatives.

– No cholesterol, no worries about obesity

– Easy to prepare, super time-saving, only from 5-8 minutes, you can have a delicious meal to eat clean effectively

– Eye-catching natural colors, making the dish more attractive and beautiful.

– Diverse taste choices, diverse eat clean menu.

Zoodles Recipe | Real Plans

4. Can eating vegetable noodles lose weight?

Because noodles have the ability to expand, each time we cook, we only need to cook a little bit and it is enough to eat. Therefore, vegetable noodles provide very few calories, suitable for Eat Clean, Keto or Low Carb diets.

Besides, vegetable noodles are freeze-dried according to modern technology and not fried through grease, so not only retain the natural nutrients found in vegetables but also no preservatives and additives. From there, good for health and effective weight loss support.

In addition, vegetable noodles are very rich in fiber, B vitamins, trace elements such as calcium, iron, magnesium, etc. Besides, vegetable noodles have almost no starch. Therefore, vegetable noodles not only work to support the digestive system but also help increase the feeling of fullness and satiety for longer. Thereby limiting the intake of more food into the body, causing an excess of calories.

Vegetable noodles

5. Who can use vegetable noodles?

Between a normal product and a product of completely natural origin, which one will you choose? If you are passionate about eating noodles. But if you are concerned about the problem of fried noodles, noodles with preservatives, you can use vegetable noodles as an essential.

If you are a vegetarian, lose weight healthy, eat clean, then you can use vegetable noodles to refresh your own meal.

If you are pursuing a balanced body, beautiful skin, bright, cool body inside, don’t miss a secret weapon that is organic vegetable noodles. You can use this vegetable noodles for your own weight loss menu very effectively.

Vegetable noodles are very refreshing, rich in nutrients, without bad fats. You can use and process it for your whole family, especially for the elderly who tend to eat frugally and live healthy. How many calories in vegetable noodles, you probably already know through the above paragraph.

6.Preserving noodles

– If keeping fresh noodles: shake off excess flour on noodles and put them in a ziplock bag specializing in food. Store in the fridge for about a week and in the freezer for about a month.

– If the noodles are dried: after drying, close a zip bag or put in a sealed jar for 1 month

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