Organic Dried Shiitake Mushroom Holds Top 1 Best Seller

Organic Dried Shiitake Mushroom is always a product of Organic Mushroom that holds the Top 1 position in the hearts of Vietnamese and international customers. They are appreciated for their delicious, rich taste with many health benefits and are the products that vegetarian and macrobiotic customers prefer to choose for themselves and their families. So what are the differences between Organic Shiitake Mushrooms compared to regular Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, let’s find out right in this article.

1. What is Organic Dried Shiitake Mushroom?

Organic Dried Shiitake Mushroom is a type of Shiitake Mushroom grown according to organic processes as well as using internationally imported organic ingredients.

– Organic Shiitake Mushrooms are standard dried Shiitake mushrooms without using:

* Artificial chemicals (pesticides, chemical fertilizers, preservatives …)

* Growth-stimulating hormone

* Antibiotics or genetically modified organisms



2. Characteristics and how to recognize Organic Shiitake Mushrooms
– Organic Shiitake Mushrooms in taste will not be too different from regular Shiitake Mushrooms, the color will be slightly darker brown than normal Dried Shiitake Mushrooms.

– Mushrooms of Organic Flavors will be cut short, making it easy for customers to prepare and process when using.

– On the packaging of Organic Shiitake Mushrooms, there will be an organic certification logo (For example, the highest current international organic certification USDA, EU ..)
Note: It is not on the packaging of Mushrooms that it says Organic, it can guarantee the quality and standards of organic. Therefore, you should choose a reputable Organic Mushroom supplier who has obtained clear organic certifications and is ready to show you the relevant certifications.


3. Are Organic Shiitake Mushrooms Organic Shiitake Mushrooms?
– Mushrooms and Mushrooms are actually the same type of Mushroom, nutritional value, uses and usage are the same.
However, the external characteristics will be different. The mushroom cap of Dong Co has more cracks, the mushroom flesh is thicker because it grows mainly in low temperature conditions

4. Nutritional value and uses of Organic Shiitake Mushroom

The nutrition of shiitake mushrooms Shiitake mushrooms are low in calories. They also provide a good amount of fiber, as well as B vitamins and some minerals. The nutrients in 4 dried shiitake mushrooms (15 grams)

Calories: 44
Carbs: 11 grams
Fiber: 2 grams
Protein: 1 gram
Riboflavin: 11% daily value (DV)
Niacin: 11% DV
Dong: 39% DV
Vitamin B5: 33% DV
Selenium: 10% DV
Manganese: 9% DV
Zinc: 8% DV
Vitamin B6: 7% DV
Folate: 6% DV
Vitamin D: 6% DV

The benefits of shiitake mushrooms
Shiitake mushrooms may have antibacterial and antiviral effects
Several compounds in shiitake mushrooms have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effects. As antibiotic resistance grows,
some scientists think it’s important to explore the antibacterial potential of shiitake mushrooms.Shiitake mushrooms can help strengthen bones
Mushrooms are the only natural plant source of vitamin D. Your body needs vitamin D to build strong bones, but very few foods
contain this important nutrient. The vitamin D levels of mushrooms vary depending on how they are grown.

5.  How to use (how to prepare) Organic Shiitake Mushroom
– Organic Perfume Mushrooms have been neatly cut, so you don’t need to spend too much time preparing them. You just need to soak Organic Shiitake Mushrooms in clean water for at least 30 minutes to soften the mushroom meat, then it can be used immediately to prepare dishes. In particular, the water soaked in Organic Mushrooms can be used to make mushroom sauce, extremely sweet and rich mushroom soup.

Some delicious dishes prepared with Organic Shiitake Mushrooms
1. Organic Mushrooms with Garlic Butter
2. Braised Organic Shiitake Mushrooms
3. Organic Mushrooms Stewed with Potatoes
4. Organic Mushroom Vegetable Soup
5. Organic Mushroom Soup
6. Organic Flavored Mushrooms Stir-fried with vegetables

6. How to store and sell Organic Shiitake Mushrooms
– Organic Shiitake Mushrooms have a shelf life of 12 months (from the date of manufacture)

– Store Dried Organic Shiitake Mushrooms properly:
* After opening the product packaging, you need to tie the bag tightly or put the product in a dry box with a tight lid. Place or store Dried Organic Shiitake Mushrooms in a dry place, away from moisture, away from sunlight.

* In hot weather, you should store Organic Dried Shiitake Mushrooms in the refrigerator.







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