Are rice straws organic really eco-friendly?

The “straw” fever is a trend that many people care about, especially at a time when environmental pollution is at an alarming rate. Why should we use rice straws? Do rice straws contribute to environmental protection? Can rice straws be eaten?… is a question that many people are interested in. Let’s find the answer through the article below.

1. Origin of rice straws

– In recent years, consumers are encouraged to change their living habits to protect the environment. Including the habit of using plastic straws.
– Plastic straws are small, but their harmful effects are unpredictable. A straw can take up to several hundred years to completely decompose. If you use a straw every day, the earth will suffer more than 7 billion times of plastic straws released into the environment. This will destroy our own living environment.
– Therefore, products to replace plastic straws such as bamboo straws, grass straws, stainless steel straws, rice straws, etc. were born. In particular, rice straws are a best-selling product and attract many interested consumers.
– Rice straws are a unique straw product. This type of straw is of completely natural origin. It is created from wheat flour, rice flour and natural colors. Rice straws can replace conventional straws. Therefore, it is appreciated in terms of utility.

2. Pros and cons of rice straws

Rice straws are no longer a new product on the market. The reason, it is loved by consumers because this product possesses advantages such as:

  • In plastic straws, there are tiny microplastic particles. These particles easily enter the body when used to drink water. And over time, these microplastic particles accumulate into large particles, which will bring pathogens to us. Meanwhile, rice straws are extremely safe, without microplastics, preservatives and harmful chemicals. All are made from natural ingredients that are safe for health.
  • Does not pollute the environment, contributing to reducing the amount of plastic straws released into the environment every day.
  • Can be used to replace conventional plastic straws with equivalent uses.
  • The price is affordable, the more you buy, the cheaper the price of rice straws.
  • Eye-catching straw colors with some basic natural colors,…

rice straw

Besides the above advantages, rice straws also have certain limitations such as:

  • Because it is made from powder, when stirring ice, stirring water vigorously can break or break the straw.
  • When using rice straws to enjoy different drinks, the smell will be like grass straws. In addition, rice straws also cause residue when enjoying soft drinks.
  • The shape of the tube is not polished. Rice straws are sometimes bent and lumpy.
  • For business, single-use rice straws are also costly,…

3. Are rice straws edible?

Since rice straws are made from flour, the question “are rice straws edible?” attracted a lot of attention. And the answer is yes. Rice straws can be eaten like regular foods.

Rice straws are made from flour and natural color. Therefore, you will see many different colors of straws such as pink, green, purple, etc., which are very eye-catching. After use, you can eat the rice straw or throw it away. This type of straw also only takes a few days to completely decompose. This is the most outstanding advantage that only rice straws possess.

4. Should I use a rice straws?

Today, we have many alternatives to plastic straws. Therefore, consumers are quite confused when facing the diversity of the market. “Should I use a rice straw?” becomes a difficult question.

Rice straws possess both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we need to consider and compare them with products with the same function to find the most suitable answer. Depending on your needs and economic conditions, you will decide whether to use a rice straws or not.

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