1/What is durian powder?

Durian powder is a fine powder, produced by spray drying technology from pure durian juice. There are no added flavors or preservatives.

It is being widely used in the food processing industry, and in the daily meals of housewives. Products made from durian powder have now appeared on the market such as durian candy, durian coconut candy, pia cake, durian cake, durian ice cream, durian coffee…

Trends about this product in the world and in Vietnam: Durian is popular with its strong aroma and delicious greasy taste. Therefore, durian products are always attractive to gourmets. Let’s learn about the production process and applications of the powder that many people are interested in on the market

2/Production process of natural durian powder

Natural durian powder is a fine powder produced from pure durian juice, without added flavoring or preservatives. The process of producing requires sophistication and care to preserve the flavor and nutrients of fresh durian fruit.


Below is the process of producing natural durian powder:

  • Choosing fresh durian: The process starts by choosing durians that are ripe, have a unique flavor and are not damaged.
  • Peel and filter the pulp: After selection, the durian fruit will be peeled and the pulp filtered to only retain quality juice.
  • Drying using natural drying technology: Durian juice will be dried using natural drying technology, ensuring the flavor and nutrients of the fruit are retained.
  • Grinding and screening: After drying, durian juice will be crushed and screened to form fine durian powder.
  • Quality check: Before packaging, check to ensure it meets food hygiene and safety standards.

The natural durian powder production process ensures that the flavor and nutrition of the durian fruit is preserved, creating an attractive natural ingredient for a variety of applications.

3/Uses of durian powder

  • Enhance mood and improve sleep: Durian powder helps enhance positive mood and improve sleep quality, helping you feel more refreshed and alert every day.
  • Immune system support: designed to strengthen the body’s immune system, helping you resist pathogens and maintain good health.
  • Promote digestion: stimulates the digestive process, helping the body absorb nutrients better from food and improve digestion.
  • Enhance bone health: provides important nutrients that help strengthen bone health, make bones strong and fight bone problems
  • Soothes and brightens the skin: has the ability to reduce acne on the face and brighten the skin, helping to fade dark spots and bring radiant skin.
  • Prevents premature aging: contains powerful antioxidants, helping to prevent premature aging and maintain youthful skin.
  • Natural source of energy: provides natural energy, helping you feel refreshed and active throughout the day.
  • Optimal fiber supply: optimal fiber intake, helps balance digestion and maintain intestinal health.
  • Vitamin C for good health: rich in vitamin C, it helps provide antioxidants, aids the healing process and improves blood flow.
  • Control blood pressure and regulate heart rate: The product helps control blood pressure and maintain sodium levels at appropriate levels, helping to regulate heart rate and maintain cardiovascular health.

4/ Applications of durian powder

It is a diverse and rich source of raw materials, used in many fields of processing and beauty. Below are common applications of durian powder:

  • Food processing: Natural durian powder is the main ingredient in many delicious dishes such as smoothies, juices, ice cream, candies and other foods.
  • Cosmetics: It is used to make masks, cleansers and lotions, helping to brighten the skin and keep it soft and smooth.
  • Medicinal: It has many medicinal properties, helping to improve health conditions such as supporting digestion and enhancing immunity.
  • Drinks: It is used to make delicious and nutritious drinks such as smoothies, fruit juices, durian coffee and many other drinks.

With diverse and attractive applications, natural durian powder is a valuable source of raw materials in enhancing the value and flavor of food and beauty products.


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