1/ Let’s learn briefly about the dried lotus heart

Dried lotus heart is an herb with many health benefits and is often used as a medicine in traditional medicine. Lotus heart is the germ of lotus seeds, often used to make tea to drink. Normally the lotus center will be only about 10mm long, the head is green and the body is bright yellow. In the dried lotus heart there are many chemical components such as nuciferin, isoliensinine, liensinine, lotusine, betus, bisclaurin (alcaloid), etc. These are all good nutrients, playing a role in providing nutrients to the body.

2/Find out what effect the lotus heart has?

What is the effect of dried lotus heart is a topic that many people are interested in. Outstanding with its bitter taste and cold properties,  lotus heart has many outstanding uses for human health.

1. What are the effects of lotus heart? Lotus heart tea treats insomnia

Unlike teas containing caffeine, lotus heart  treats insomnia thanks to ingredients such as asparagine, nelumbin, nuciferin, and liensini that help improve sleep and sedation, very suitable for the elderly. Drinking lotus heart tea 1 hour after dinner will help you relax your mind and have a good night’s sleep.

2. Supports stabilization of heart rate and high blood pressure

Dried lotus heart contains isoquinoline alkaloid. This substance has the effect of calming and dilating blood vessels, thereby helping to control blood pressure levels, improving restlessness and heart palpitations.

3. Clear heat, detoxify

Lotus tea is effective in cooling and reduces the problem of pimples and prickly heat during the hot season. Lotus heart helps purify the body very well through two urinary tracts: kidneys and liver. In particular, this tea also has the ability to effectively relieve hangovers.

4. Effects of lotus heart: Anti-bleeding

Lotus contains quercetin and flavonoids that work by improving capillary wall strength, helping to control bleeding, and are especially effective in preventing hemorrhage.

5. Effects of lotus heart tea: anti-depression

With the ingredients isoliensinine and liensinine, lotus heart tea has sedative properties, helping you relax and reduce stress. This tea has a calming effect and helps fight depression.

6. Uses of lotus heart: Supports diabetes control

What are the effects of drinking lotus heart? This drink helps control blood sugar levels quite well and is helpful for people with diabetes. With active alkaloids in lotus hearts, this tea is effective in minimizing the increase in glucose levels after meals.

7. What is the effect of dried lotus heart? Promotes better digestion

Thanks to its high fiber content, lotus heart tea helps improve digestion. This makes this tea a great choice for people with digestive problems.

8. What is the effect of the lotus heart? Supports weight loss

Dried lotus heart prevents the absorption of fats and carbs. This reduces the amount of fat accumulated in the body. L-Carotene found in lotus heart also has the ability to promote metabolism, so it can help you lose weight.

9. Uses of lotus heart: Improves skin

Dried lotus heart also contains many antioxidants, preventing the attack of free radicals and enhancing skin health. In addition, this tea also helps reduce acne, dull and oily skin.

3/Note when using lotus heart tea

  • Do not drink tea on an empty stomach
  • Do not use moldy lotus hearts to make tea
  • Do not drink tea continuously for many months. Abuse of lotus tea can cause many side effects such as fatigue, digestive disorders, and anxiety.
  • Dried lotus heart should not be used for: young children, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, menstrual disorders, physiological dysfunction…

Although  lotus heart is very good for health, especially in treating insomnia, you also need to have a scientific lifestyle and activities. If you are having problems with insomnia, do not rely on this tea, you also need to combine it with gentle strengthening exercises such as meditation, yoga, playing sports.

Besides, nutrition is also very important for sleep, limit the use of foods containing caffeine, increase the intake of green vegetables and fruits to improve sleep quality.

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