Palm sugar is quite popular in convenience stores and supermarkets. But do you know all the benefits of palm sugar?

Many people use it to replace refined white sugar when preparing food and drinks. However, not everyone knows the uses of it as well as its effects on health.

1/ What is palm sugar?

Palm sugar is a product made from the stamen fluid of the palm tree. Palmyra has a sweet, pleasant aroma and a cooler feeling than cane sugar and beet sugar. After the jaggery is extracted, the farmers will proceed to cook the sugar
It can be used to prepare desserts, make tea, cook or directly such as palm sweet soup, palm beef cake.

2/ Effects on health

The amount of minerals in it is 60 times higher than regular white sugar. Typical minerals include potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, sucrose, fructose, glucose, B vitamins, energy… So what specific effects does palm sugar have?

1. Good for the skin and immune system

What effects does palm sugar have? Since it contains antioxidants, regular consumption of jaggery will help improve the body’s immunity. It helps prevent free radicals that cause skin aging, and also helps purify the blood and thus also beautifies the skin.

2. People with diabetes can use it

It has a lower glycemic index (GI) than white sugar and honey. Therefore,it does not increase blood sugar levels for users. However, this ingredient is not dietary sugar, so you should only use it in moderation.

3. Effects of palm sugar: Palm sugar is good for digestion

It contains a type of fiber called inulin. This type of fiber can help control intestinal bacteria, promote good digestion and improve the body’s absorption of minerals.

4. Palm sugar helps prevent anemia

Palm sugar contains B vitamins and is rich in iron so it can overcome anemia. People with anemia or women during menstruation should use palm sugar as an ingredient in cooking.

5. Reduce migraines

Is it good for people with headaches to eat palm sugar? The answer is yes! With the ability to increase blood circulation, this type of sugar can help you relieve migraine pain. Just consume about 20 grams of palm sugar and you will feel your migraines get better.

6. Prevent constipation

Because it has the ability to effectively clean the intestines by activating digestive enzymes, it is also used to prevent constipation. Furthermore, the effect of palm sugar is also to remove toxins from the body and cleanse the liver.

7. Helps bones become stronger

Another use of it is to strengthen the bone and tissue systems of healthy children. Manganese in it helps support bone health and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

8. Brings many uses for children

Children’s immune systems are still weak, so they often encounter gastrointestinal problems. Meanwhile, it has significant benefits for your baby’s health such as enhancing immunity, preventing anemia in children, strengthening bones, detoxifying the liver, preventing constipation…

9. Treat colds and coughs

What effect does this product have in folk cough remedies? In fact, you will see your cough gradually decrease if you drink a cup of hot ginger tea mixed with them Active ingredients in ginger and it  the ability to warm the body. Thanks to that, this type of sugar is used in many folk remedies for coughs.

3/ Risks of eating a lot of palm sugar

  • Increased blood sugar levels
    Similar to other types of sugar, it is mainly composed of sucrose, a sweetener that increases insulin levels in the blood. Therefore, if you have diabetes then it is best to consult your doctor before adding jaggery to your diet.
  • Increased risk of obesity
    Although it is nutritious and sweet, it is still sugar. While the body consumes large amounts of sugar, it can lead to eating too many calories and gaining weight.
  • Affects intestinal health
    Currently, the market has a series of different palm sugar products. You need to choose the type of sugar that is produced according to standard procedures to avoid food poisoning and intestinal diseases.
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