1/ Learn about coconut shell charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal is a common noun for all types of charcoal made from the common raw material of coconut shells. This raw material source will create three main types of products: activated carbon, water filtration charcoal and Seagull clean coal. Products are widely used in life in many diverse fields. In essence, coconut shell charcoal is produced from available natural raw materials, so it does not require the presence of preservatives and chemicals, so it is completely environmentally friendly and safe. completely for users.
Depending on the consumer’s intended use, manufacturers have created many types of coconut shell charcoal with a variety of sizes and shapes.

2/How to produce coconut shell charcoal

Normally, these types of coal will be produced from the original raw materials, then combined with some heat methods to remove impurities and finally packaged and delivered to consumers. Charcoal from coconut shells is also made this way, so it is almost 100% safe for both adults and children, convenient, clean and extremely economical.

Nowadays, due to the increasing demand for coal, from small households to large hot pot restaurants, coal raw material suppliers often do not pay attention to the quality of the coal they use. put on the market, they only tried to sell as much coal as possible, thereby accidentally bringing toxic coal products to consumers, causing many people to be pushed closer to the path of illness that they did not know. With charcoal from coconut shells, you can be completely assured of the safety and reliability of this item. Every BBQ party in your family will now be more fun without having to smell it. The smell of burning smoke emanated from the coals below the grill.

3/Advantages of coconut shell charcoal

This product is very popular in the market for one of the reasons such as: safety, reliability, good heat retention ability, does not create black smoke,… In addition, there are countless other advantages that women Maybe you still haven’t realized it, below I will list a few benefits of coconut shell charcoal for your reference.

  • Environmentally friendly, low in toxic fumes, no burning
  • High heat, even burning, helps food cook slowly
  • Contains no preservatives or fire stimulants (alcohol)
  • Does not cause harmful odors and is extremely safe for health
  • The fire speed is fast, if you don’t know how to use it, it only takes 2-3 minutes
  • Long heat retention time, durable burning and extremely cheap market price.

Coconut shell charcoal does not contain chemicals, so it can be used to directly grill dishes. In addition, it can also help serve BBQ parties for many hours without needing to change charcoal, in addition to The smoke does not have a burning smell and does not cause eye irritation, so women can completely rest assured to use it to organize parties in stilt houses or boarding houses without worrying about “suffocation”.

4/Basic benefits and applications of coconut shell charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal has been applied in many specific fields such as:

  • Use coconut shell charcoal to remove color, odor, heavy metals, pesticides and many organic compounds.
  • Contaminant removal is measured in grams of dirt or grams of COD retained in 1kg of clean, smokeless coal.
  • Cleans traces of heavy metals dissolved in water.
  • Thoroughly cleans dissolved organic substances, has the effect of eliminating odors and tastes, especially industrial wastewater containing very toxic organic molecules or molecules with high surface stability. Prevents biological treatment, so coconut shell charcoal will help make wastewater treatment easier.
  • The water passing through coconut shell charcoal is mostly dissolved organic molecules stored on the surface.
  • In addition, during the filtration process, charcoal contains and nourishes bacteria that can help decompose sticky organic matter to create a free surface, and allow the retention of new organic molecules.

Thanks to the rich applications and benefits from coconut shell charcoal, people can consider using it appropriately in many necessary cases. In particular, using clean, smokeless charcoal made from coconut shell charcoal to grill food will bring certain safety to users, limiting the risk of toxicity from charcoal.


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