1/ What are dried lotus seeds?

Dried lotus seeds have the main ingredient being fresh lotus seeds. If the input is fresh lotus seeds of type I, they are uniform in size. After using drying technology, lotus seeds will be large, even, firm, and beautiful with a characteristic light yellow color. Dried lotus seeds are a nutritious seed, bringing many benefits to the user’s health. Since ancient times, the lotus plant has been a familiar plant and a symbol of the Vietnamese people. Crispy dried lotus seeds (dried lotus seeds) will be preserved for a longer time than fresh lotus seeds.

2. Unexpected health benefits of dried lotus seeds

– Limits the skin aging process

Dried lotus seeds contain a lot of antioxidants and enzymes that promote collagen production, helping to prevent the aging process of the skin. Furthermore, it can also erase melasma and freckles that appear over time on women’s faces, helping the skin stay healthy and beautiful.

Some studies have shown that the enzyme L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase found in lotus seeds helps repair damaged proteins and prevent aging. Therefore, currently, lotus seed extracts are being researched by many cosmetic companies to include in their products.

– Supplement nutrients for pregnant women

In 100 grams of lotus seeds, it provides 30 grams of carbohydrates, 162 grams of calories, 9.5 grams of protit and a variety of vitamins of group A and group C… helping to comfort the fetus and prevent miscarriage.

Dried lotus seeds have sedative properties so they are very suitable for treating insomnia caused by hormonal changes in women during pregnancy. Besides, the vitamins contained in lotus seeds also help sleepiness come on time.

Besides, lotus seeds also help nourish the kidneys, strengthen the spleen and benefit the mind. Helps reduce body stretch marks during pregnancy. Avoid causing negative effects on the woman’s body.

– The use of dried lotus seeds in supplementing nutrients beneficial for fetal development

The amount of protein and calcium contained in dried lotus seeds plays an important role in bone and tooth development in children. In addition, lotus seeds also provide a lot of fiber to promote digestion and protect your baby’s digestive system well.

The active ingredients in lotus seeds also stimulate fetal brain development. Helps the fetus develop comprehensively. Abundant protein also plays an important part in the physical and mental development of the fetus.

– Improve sleep and treat headaches

The ingredients in crispy dried lotus seeds help you improve insomnia. Lotus seeds contain alkaline substances, fragrant glucose and folic acid, which have a sedative effect and reduce stress very effectively.

Lotus seeds contain carbohydrates, proteins, B vitamins, vitamin PP, vitamin C… These substances help significantly improve the quick relief of headaches, reduce tension and stress, especially in the elderly.

Lotus seeds have a peaceful nature, sweet taste, and help calm the mind. Some studies have shown that lotus seeds are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and B and C vitamins, so they are very effective in treating headaches, especially migraines. To treat headaches, you should combine it with other ingredients to increase effectiveness.

Good for cardiovascular activity and stabilizing blood pressure

Nutrition experts advise people with cardiovascular disease or unstable blood pressure to consume lotus seeds at appropriate levels because they contain sodium, magnesium and manganese. These minerals work to stabilize blood pressure and to maintain a healthy heart.

– Good for teeth

Common dental problems are bleeding gums, mouth ulcers and mouth ulcers. This causes many people to experience inconvenience in daily activities. However, if you know how to incorporate lotus seeds into your diet. It will help us limit this situation. The reason is that lotus seeds contain ingredients that contain natural anti-inflammatory properties such as kaempferol and flavonoids.

– Pregnant mothers after giving birth eat dried lotus seeds to help improve their bust size effectively

Lotus seeds help mothers improve their breasts and contribute to making them firmer. Therefore, in addition to the daily diet, you can add fresh lotus seeds or dried lotus seeds in food preparation. Mothers can also provide additional beneficial nutrients for their breasts with a super convenient product called dried lotus seeds.

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