1/ What are dried tilapia fish scales?

Dried tilapia fish scales, which were originally a waste product and easily polluted the environment in seafood processing, can now be exploited and brought high value thanks to the abundant source of collagen.

Usually this is removed before cooking. However, the team found that the scales contain collagen. When modified and applied to mice, the substance promoted blood and lymph vessel formation. Therefore, it has the ability to repair and regenerate tissue.

The same group of NTU scientists discovered that collagen derived from dried tilapia fish scales caused human umbilical vein endothelial cells to express 2.5 times more of the specific type of collagen responsible vascular formation. blood, compared with endothelial cells cultured on bovine collagen. This suggests that collagen from fish scales has the potential to be developed for use in biomedical applications.

2/ Collagen from tilapia fish scales

Master Nguyen Cong Binh, Faculty of Fisheries, University of Food Industry, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, said that currently the trend of consuming products with collagen is very strong among consumers.

However, raw material sources for production are not abundant. Through research, scientists discovered that tilapia skin and scales contain a lot of collagen. At the same time, this is waste and waste product in seafood processing, causing serious environmental pollution. As a result of the research, scientists have created 3 types of pure powdered collagen products using spray drying and sublimation drying technology. Collagen obtained has many useful biological activities such as antioxidant, antibacterial and has quite good emulsifying and foaming ability, especially solubility (often used in drinks). The finished collagen has no bitter taste or fishy smell.

3/ Collagen in dried tilapia fish scales has many effects

-Previously, scientists from NTU and NUS researched extracting collagen from dried tilapia fish scales. They are taken from fish used to prepare dishes such as sea bass, snakehead fish and tilapia. Discovered that fish scales contain collagen that can be chemically modified to dissolve in water and used in many ways. biomedical applications. This type of collagen can also be combined with medications to create wound dressings with greater healing potential. Fish scale collagen also affects human capillary cells, stimulating natural collagen production 2.5 times higher than cells cultured with other forms of collagen.

Currently on the market, collagen fromd dried tilapia fish scales is advertised as fat-free and has a special absorption capacity 7 times higher than fish skin collagen. Good anti-aging ability, reduces wrinkles.

Fish collagen easily dissolves quickly in water without clumping like other products. When mixed with water or left dry or used as an additive to cosmetic formulations, it does not cause a fishy odor. In cosmetics, fish collagen is used mixed with shampoo or daily facial lotion to help supplement collagen for skin and hair. Or add to lotion at the last step.

– In addition, there are many types of unsaturated fatty acids, which help reduce cholesterol deposition in blood vessel walls causing narrowing of blood vessels, help blood circulate freely, and have a good effect in preventing diseases such as : coronary heart disease, cerebral embolism. , high blood pressure, brain bleeding… Fish scales also contain a rich variety of trace elements, especially high levels of calcium and phosphorus. , can prevent rickets in children and osteoporosis in the elderly.

– In valuable books on Chinese medicine since ancient times, the medicinal value of fish scales has been recorded, such as taking carp and dried tilapia fish scales and stewing them into thick glue, which has very effective healing effects. Effective in treating nosebleeds, red gums, and diarrhea (diarrhea is a bleeding disease in the skin and mucous membranes, with purple stains on the skin common in children and women).

– Raw materials in the food industry: Fish scales can be processed to produce gelatin, a natural gelling agent widely used in the food industry such as making marshmallows, jelly and many other food products. . other products.

– Fertilizer production: Fish scales contain many minerals and nutrients, can be processed and used as organic fertilizer, helping to improve soil quality and increase crop productivity.

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