1/ What is a grass straws?

The trend of green living and environmental protection is gaining more and more attention and grass straws are one of the items that have “made waves” in recent years in coffee shops and milk tea shops. Read the following article to learn 10 reasons you should use grass straws!

Grass straws are 100% natural straws. This plant is also known as sedge grass or eagle grass.

Currently, it is used to produce environmental protection straws. After being harvested, the grass is classified and pre-processed. Then, it is cut into pieces of just the right size to use as straws.

2/ Characteristics of grass straws

Grass straws have a fixed size. Depending on each order or facility, product sizes vary
Origin: 100% natural
Length: 20cm (5mm difference)
Width: 0.4 – 0.8 cm


3/ 10 reasons to use grass straws

-Grass straws are affordable

Because the materials are available in nature, the price of grass straws is very affordable, much cheaper than other types of straws such as bamboo straws, plastic, stainless steel, glass,…

In particular, when using large quantities of grass straws for restaurants, cafes, milk tea shops, etc., you will save significant costs

Keeps the full flavor of the drink

Grass straws do not take away the flavor of the drink. A small study in Vietnam with 200 people comparing plastic straws and biological straws when drinking cocktails showed: 82% of survey respondents rated biological straws as making the drink taste better.

Although it was only a small trial, the evaluation of biodegradable straws made from grass had a very positive effect.

-Protect human health

Plastic straws are especially dangerous for human health because toxic BPA can seep into food and drinks, especially hot drinks. Therefore, grass straws (disposable) are widely used because they do not cause any negative effects on health because they are produced entirely from nature and do not contain chemicals.

-Protect the environment from wastewater pollution

According to The Atlantic, about 8 million tons of plastic waste is dumped into the ocean every year, equivalent to a car full of plastic waste dumped directly into the ocean every minute.

Therefore, using biodegradable straws will be a great thing to contribute to protecting the ocean environment. Grass straws help eliminate dangers to animals (choking marine animals; getting into their noses or causing injury to them), do not destroy marine ecosystems,…

-Be responsible to the community and society

According to Ms. Dang Thuy Ha – Director of Consumer Behavior Research Department of Nielsen Vietnam Company in the Northern region, said: Vietnamese consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for brands with commitments ” green” and “clean”, especially products that have positive impacts on the environment and society, creating jobs for workers.

-More beautiful decoration for the corner of the coffee shop

Grass straws help decorate drinks to be more eye-catching, trendy and create a unique look for your shop. Glass, plastic or stainless steel straws are very common in coffee shops. Therefore, using grass straws for your shop will make a difference, bringing high aesthetics, most suitable for cafes and milk tea shops with a nostalgic style (vintage), nature, …

– Habit education

Using grass straw for drinks will partly help educate and propagate green living habits to everyone. It would be even better if it were more widely disseminated in cafes, social networks, mass media, etc. This is an effective way of communication to help protect the city where we live in particular and the Earth. Land in general.

– Can be used for hot water

As you know, plastic straws when used with hot drinks will produce substances that are harmful to health; Paper straws and rice straws will easily dissolve quickly when used in hot water. The longer the melting time means the more additives are used.

But grass straws are different, they can be comfortably used with hot water without any problems. Because it is made from natural plants.

-Storage time is up to 1 year

It have a preservation time of up to 1 year. Of course, if stored properly (avoid damp places, high temperatures, etc.). Meanwhile, some other types of straws have a shorter storage time and do not guarantee quality such as: paper straws (easy to soften), plastic straws (easy to become brittle and degrade),…

-Insoluble in water and self-decomposes in a short time

This is considered the most outstanding advantage of grass straws compared to other types of straws. If paper straws and starch straws (rice straws) are soaked in water for a period of time, they will soften and dissolve or crack. Meanwhile, grass straws do not dissolve in water. To make it easier to imagine, it’s just like adding normal vegetables.

Besides, the decomposition time of grass straws is only a maximum of 4-5 days. They do not produce any quality

In short, grass straws are an environmentally friendly choice because they are biodegradable. Using grass straws helps us maintain the green color of the Earth, limiting negative impacts on the habitat of millions of creatures on the planet. Therefore, please call on your family and friends to switch to using plastic straws to help protect your own health as well as a green, clean, and beautiful living environment!


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