In daily meals, beets, moringa, pumpkin, black sesame, purple sweet potatoes or pea flowers are very familiar foods. And now they are being created to create an extremely attractive and attractive the five-color dried rice vermicelli. So what’s special about this product? And what is the magical reason to use it?

1/ Introduction to the five-color dried rice vermicelli product

The five- color dried rice vermicelli with 100% natural ingredients, no coloring, no borax, no preservatives, used daily or fed to your baby is extremely safe for the health of you and your loved ones. After a period of industrialization and modernization, we look back at the polluted environment, the food around us is full of dyes and chemicals, and our resistance is getting weaker and weaker. This is also the time when natural products are given priority. Dried vegetable vermicelli, also known as the five- color dried rice vermicelli, is one of the products chosen by many customers to replace industrial vermicelli used every day.

It is one of the types of vermicelli that is highly appreciated for its quality, nutritional content, and deliciousness. This type of vermicelli is one of the specialty dry vermicelli types of Cao Bang (Vietnam).

Each type of the five- color dried rice vermicelli has a unique color and different flavor. For example, yellow vermicelli is made from pumpkin or corn, red vermicelli is made from gac or beetroot, green vermicelli is made from moringa leaves, or blue vermicelli is made from butterfly pea flowers…

The five- color dried rice vermicelli is made by the hands of local people with family secrets. Therefore, the noodles are always guaranteed to have a bright color, and when boiled, the noodles will be soft and chewy, not falling apart. Therefore, you can prepare many attractive dishes from this product.

This product is committed to being completely natural, does not use colors, preservatives, thickeners or any toxic chemicals. Very good to support weight loss, people with diabetes or weak digestion and good for health.

2/ What makes the five-color dried rice vermicelli delicious?

To make this type of vermicelli, the ingredients are quite important to determine the deliciousness of the vermicelli. And with the five- color dried rice vermicelli , the ingredients used are bao thai rice and brown rice. In addition, the ingredients to color the vermicelli are also sourced locally.
After carefully selecting the nuts, they are dried, then ground and soaked overnight. Next, mix it with rice and put it in the mixer. Then put it into the vermicelli press to form the product

The five- color dried rice vermicelli noodles will be cut into bundles about 70cm long and then dried. After this step, people will put the vermicelli in the oven overnight so that the vermicelli becomes chewy, then continue to dry the vermicelli in the shade for 3-5 days.

The reason the five- color dried rice vermicelli has a delicious flavor and is loved by many people is because it is meticulously prepared with many different stages. Absolutely do not use whitening agents or preservatives as this will be very safe for your health. Thanks to that, vermicelli has a unique flavor, not confused with any other type.

3/ Nutritional ingredients of the five- color dried rice vermicelli

  • Dried pumpkin vermicelli (red)

One of the types of the five- color dried rice vermicelli is pumkin vermicelli. Dried pumpkin vermicelli is a dish that is both delicious and nutritious, containing a lot of carotene, an antioxidant that can be converted into vitamin A in the body, helping to improve vision and support the immune system. . In addition, it also contains minerals such as calcium, potassium and sodium, which help improve bone and teeth health, support muscle activity and regulate the amount of water in the body.

Especially for children, it is considered an extremely good nutritional dish for height development. Many studies have proven that carotene and other nutrients in pumpkin have the effect of promoting children’s height growth, helping children develop comprehensively and healthily. Therefore, dried pumpkin vermicelli is an indispensable dish in the diet of children and adults.

  • Black sesame noodles

Black sesame noodles contain lots of fiber and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins B6 and folic acid. These nutrients are essential for the development and functioning of the body.

  • Purple sweet potato noodles

One of the types of the five- color dried rice vermicelli is purple sweet patato vermicelli. Purple sweet potato noodles are a rich source of nutrition with main ingredients including sugar and starch, along with protein and essential vitamins and minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Phosphorus. Purple sweet potatoes also contain a valuable natural pigment, Anthocyanin, which helps prevent the growth of cancer cells, fights aging and cleans dirt in blood vessels. In fact, purple sweet potatoes have been widely used in Japan to make juice and are a functional food containing many antioxidants including Phenol, Anthocyanin and Carotenoid compounds. Therefore, using purple sweet potatoes brings many health benefits and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Beetroot vermicelli

One of the types of the five- color dried rice vermicelli is beetroot vermicelli. Beetroot vermicelli has large amounts of vitamin A, protein, lipid, and glucid. This helps Gac vermicelli bring many health benefits such as:

– Vitamin A in vermicelli can help improve eyesight and make skin more beautiful. Research has shown that people with vision problems can eat Gac vermicelli regularly to improve eye condition.

– Using beetroot vermicelli regularly can help prevent cancer and improve cell health, thereby helping to improve the health of the user.

– Vermicelli also contains many antioxidants, which help prevent the body’s aging process.

– Beetroot vermicelli is a suitable choice for dieters, vegetarians, and vegetarians.

– The nutrients in beetroot vermicelli also have the ability to enhance the health and immune system of users.

4/ 3 magical reasons to choose the five- color dried rice vermicelli for your family

To help customers see more clearly the benefits and why they should use this food. Let’s take a look at the following reasons:

Firstly, the color of the five- color dried rice vermicelli is beautiful, creating attractiveness for the dish

A delicious dish comes from many factors, of which a beautiful color is quite important to stimulate the user’s taste buds. Especially for families with children, this is a very ideal choice. Children are lazy to eat vegetables but like colors, so this colorful dish will attract children and make them want to eat it.

5 colors of the five-color dried rice vermicelli with beetroot (black leaves), green moringa, black sesame, purple sweet potato, beans, corn or bright yellow pumpkin will create a colorful and flavorful vegetable garden for the whole family. There will be interesting experiences.

Second, the product contains many nutrients that are good for health

With moringa vermicelli, the product contains many essential micronutrients for the body such as fiber, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium… and has cooling properties. Using it will help with good digestion and supplement nutrients for the body to develop healthily.
Pumpkin vermicelli is rich in carotene, which is converted into vitamin A when processed by the body. At the same time, the product also includes minerals, calcium, potassium, and sodium which are very good, especially for children’s height development.
As for black sesame noodles, this product is quite rich in fiber and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin B6, folic acid… Thanks to that, it will be very beneficial for the digestive system and people with diabetes. .

Butterfly pea flower vermicelli with eye-catching purple color, the product also contains many organic compounds such as anthocyanin and cliotide, these are factors that help increase the body’s resistance.
In beetroot vermicelli, we can find a rich amount of iron, which helps prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency.

Third is the safe, natural ingredients

The five- color dried rice vermicelli is made from rice and vegetables. Input raw materials are strictly controlled from seed selection, planting land to harvesting and production. Plus, clean processing ensures the nutritional value and sweetness are maintained. Then there is no reason to ignore this useful product.

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