1/ What is centella powder?

Centella powder has many uses for health care, because centella has long been a familiar medicine in oriental medicine. centella has cooling properties and is effective in clearing heat and cooling the body, detoxify the liver, treat poisoning and sore throat due to cough. Centella powder has been commonly used for a long time, used as nutritional powder, mixed powder or to support the treatment of certain diseases

Centella powder still contains essential substances for the body in general and the skin in particular such as: Vitamin B1, C, K, Fe, carbohydrates, carotene, protein, potassium, cellulose and some other beneficial nutrients.

2/ 14 uses of centella powder

  • Centella powder helps strengthen and improve memory

Centella asiatica extract contains a large amount of folic acid, which has the ability to enhance and improve memory significantly compared to the use of folic acid in current oral medications. You can grind dried pennywort into powder, then mix 5g of that powder with water or milk, drink before meals or before going to bed, it will be very effective.

  • Centella powder supports the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly

In addition to its ability to enhance memory, centella powder can help protect brain cells from degeneration and bacterial attack. From there, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease causing memory loss in the elderly will hardly appear, ensuring the health of the patient.

  • Centella powder reduces stress and tension

Centella juice contains a large amount of the active ingredient Saponin, which has the ability to relax blood vessels, helping to reduce anxiety and stress caused by work stress. From there you will feel more comfortable and at ease when working.

  • Centella powder has anti-depressant effects

Besides reducing stress and anxiety, the effects of centella are said to help fight depression. Many studies have shown that when people with depression drink centella water regularly for 60 consecutive days, they have a much more relaxed and carefree mood than normal patients.

  • Centella powder helps improve insomnia

The active ingredients triterpenoids and saponins in centella also have the ability to significantly improve insomnia in patients. Using centella juice every day, people with insomnia will regain the feeling of sleepiness, the nervous system will relax, helping to sleep deeper.

  • Promotes wound healing and beautifies the skin

This is the use of centella in beauty that many women trust. The active ingredient triterpenoid in it can help women’s bodies increase collagen production to help heal wounds and scars. This helps the skin become more beautiful, brighter and smoother.

  • Help reduce joint pain caused by inflammation

It has many excellent antioxidants, typically flavonoids and alkaloids that have the ability to fight inflammation that causes joint pain, protecting joints from corrosion due to degeneration. This helps the patient recover quickly.

  • The effect of centella powder helps detoxify

Centella juice is a drink considered beneficial for the liver, helping the liver fight free radicals that damage cells. Thanks to that, your liver will be healthier, preventing many dangerous diseases from occurring.

  • Prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease

The high fiber content along with a series of powerful antioxidants in centella will help protect blood vessels, helping the heart beat stably. Fiber also neutralizes excess cholesterol in blood vessels, preventing the risk of atherosclerosis.

  • Helps treat skin diseases

This is another beauty use of  that women should pay attention to. Flavonoids and alkaloids have the ability to significantly reduce hives and eczema in women. Combining drinking centella juice and crushing 50 to 100g of centella to apply to the affected skin area every day, eczema and rashes will be significantly reduced.

  • Reduce rashes and pimples

Drinking centella juice is extremely effective in treating pimples and rashes thanks to strong antioxidants such as flavonoids and alkaloids. These substances will help protect skin cells, kill bacteria and repel sebum on the skin. This helps significantly reduce rashes and pimples on the skin, contributing to making women more beautiful.

  • Supports the treatment of constipation

Centella contains high amounts of fiber and vitamin C, which will help prevent possible constipation, especially for women during pregnancy.

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