Dried areca nuts are a medicinal herb commonly used in traditional medicine. This medicinal herb is often used to treat digestive and dental diseases such as gingivitis, toothache, bad breath, indigestion, etc. So do areca nuts have any other effects? Let’s find out through the useful article below.

1/ What are dried areca nuts?

Dried areca nuts (also known as Binh Lang, Co Lang) are a medicine commonly used by people. According to Oriental medicine, areca nuts have a bitter, acrid, spicy taste, warm properties, clear the colon and spleen meridians, and have the effect of deworming and clearing urine. The drug is often prescribed for cases of helminths, cramps, diarrhea, bloating, dysentery, and edema

To ensure the effects of dried areca nuts, areca nuts are only harvested when they are ripe, which is from September to December every year. After the areca fruit is picked, it will be split in half to get the seeds. Areca nuts will be soaked in water to soften, scraped from the bottom, sliced ​​thinly, and dried or dried.

Dried areca nuts are susceptible to termites and damage, so storage needs to be done in a cool, airtight place and away from direct sunlight. In case of prolonged use, it is sometimes necessary to dry it in the sun to avoid mold.

2/ Chemical composition

Dried areca nuts contain the main chemical components:

The seeds contain 10-15% fatty oil, in the oil there are glycerides of lauric acid 50%, myristic acid 21%, oleic acid 29%, protein 5-10%, glucid 50-60%, tannin, alkaloids.

The percentage of tannin in young seeds is about 70%, but when ripe, it is only 15-20%.

The main active ingredients are 4 alkaloids: arecolin, arecaidin C7H11NO2, guvaxin C6H9NO2 and guvacolin C7H11NO2, Arecolin (or CH, arecaidin) C8H13NO2 accounts for about 0.1-5%.

3/ What are the effects of dried areca nuts?

In Vietnam, the areca tree is not only an ornamental plant to decorate the house but also a precious medicine with many uses.

1. Anti-stroke: Research shows that areca nuts are effective in stroke recovery, bladder control and improving muscle health.

2. Disinfects the oral cavity, prevents tooth decay: Areca nut extract is effective against special strains of bacteria in the mouth. Because it can protect teeth from tooth decay and prevent dental plaque.

3. Improve schizophrenia

Preliminary research shows that areca nuts are good for schizophrenia patients, but side effects need to be kept in mind.

4. Treat dry mouth: Chewing areca nuts will create a significant amount of saliva, helping patients with dry mouth improve very well and at the same time reduce diabetes.

5. Prevents anemia: Areca nuts have been used for many years as a medicine to deal with anemia in pregnant women. They prevent severe iron deficiency and low blood glucose levels. Regular use of betel can help fight iron deficiency

6. Beneficial for the brain: Areca seeds help improve nerves and muscle control for brain patients. However, there may also be unwanted effects when used with other medications.

7. Good for the stomach: Areca seeds assist in treating stomach worms such as tapeworms and roundworms, helping to avoid problems related to stomach worms.

8. Can control diabetes: Arecoline is one of the bio-chemicals in areca nuts, which helps significantly control diabetes. Laboratory animal tests show that areca nuts help control blood sugar levels for significant periods of time.

9. Prevent nausea: Chewing areca nuts helps prevent nausea. You can chew it right before traveling to avoid nausea.

10. Anti-depression: Areca seeds are considered a medicine to stimulate the nervous system. Research shows that areca nuts contain anti-depressant and stress-reducing properties

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