1/ Characteristics of dried locust

Dried locust : The fruit is black, long, slightly thin, curved like a sickle, usually harvested when ripe and dry. Harvested when dried, the fruit used as medicine requires the seeds to be removed and can be used raw or soaked in water to soften and then dried, in some cases burned into charcoal or ground into powder. The fruit has a mild, spicy, salty taste, containing 10% of the active ingredients yellow saponin, australozite saponin, gleditsia B-G saponin and 5 types of flavonoids including homorientin, inteolin, vitestin, saponaretin, orientin. These active ingredients have the effect of killing viruses

The tree often grows wild in the Northern provinces. Cat Ba island alone harvests up to 40 tons of  dried locust each year.

October – November every year is the ideal time to harvest grasshoppers. After harvesting, it will be dried or used as folk medicine.

2/ What effects does dried locust have?

Dried locust is a medicinal herb that brings many benefits to health and life as follows:

2.1. Maintain soft, strong hair
This is a long-known use of dried . Studies have concluded that locust fruit contains the main ingredient locust, a flavonoid that balances the activity of sebaceous glands on the scalp, reduces hair loss and restores hair follicles. In addition, this fruit also contains calcium, protein and trace minerals that help nourish hair roots, maintain soft and smooth hair and reduce hair loss…

2.2. Supports the treatment of scalp diseases
Decoction from the fruit and thorns of locust helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause skin diseases. Therefore, using this product to wash hair is effective in treating a number of skin diseases such as oily skin fungus, seborrheic dermatitis…

Some ingredients in dried locust have the effect of removing dandruff scales, restoring protective membranes, regulating oil secretion… thereby helping to maintain healthy hair and reduce negative effects from environmental factors.

2.3. Prevent hair loss
Hair loss occurs due to many reasons such as tension, stress, the elderly, pregnant women or women who have just given birth. Studies show that locust fruit contains flavonoids that have antioxidant effects and help restore degenerated hair follicles, stimulating new hair growth. Besides, antioxidants in dried locust also have the effect of inhibiting free radicals – the cause of hair follicle degeneration and baldness.

2.4 Supports skin to treat acne
You may not know that locust has the ability to inhibit Staphylococcus aureus and fungal bacteria, so it is effective for acne-prone skin. Using decoction directly from locust fruit to soak and wash acne will help inhibit bacteria that cause infection, prevent acne inflammation, prevent ulcers and quickly restore the skin.

2.5. Treatment of respiratory infections
Locust fruit is effective in treating respiratory infections such as colds, flu, tonsillitis, sore throat caused by bacteria or viruses…

3/ Treatment effects from dried locust

3.1. Toothache, toothache
The fruit is grilled, broken into pieces, soaked in white wine (ratio 1/4), then sucked for a day and a night, spit out and sucked again.

3.2. Stuffy nose and runny nose
First aid for stuffy nose and difficulty breathing. The fruit is roasted crispy, crushed, rolled in paper and blown into the nose, which is very effective in treating sneezing.

3.3. Treat bloating
Children with bloating Burn the bundle on a charcoal stove, smoke it (with hands or betel leaves) and then press it on the child’s stomach.

3.4. Disease prevention for pregnant women
Every day, spread a bunch and sprinkle salt on the red charcoal pot to steam.

3.5. Remedy to treat mumps
Herbs, appropriate dosage, burn, pound mixed with vinegar, soak cotton then apply, change every half hour.

3.6. Remedy to treat hair loss in children
Wash, then burn the bunch, crush and sprinkle.

3.7. Treats colds, phlegm, phlegm
Colds, colds, phlegm, asthma, difficulty rising. Take the bunch, remove the seeds, roast them, grind them into powder and drink 0.5-1g per day. If it cannot be dissolved, decoct it and drink it in water.


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