1/ Information about banana leaves

Fresh banana leaves are used as packaging to prepare rustic dishes. Banana leaves are increasingly used in restaurants in Vietnam and other Asian countries. The leaves are completely non-toxic to health, the green color of banana leaves makes the food color more beautiful.

Banana leaves are available from sticky rice packages on street vendors to dishes in luxury restaurants. Currently, many supermarkets in Vietnam have begun to use fresh banana leave to wrap food.

2/ How to preserve banana leaves

Fresh banana leave: people sell are only native banana leaves or banana leaves. Those banana leaves are soft, flexible and easy to wrap. Old banana leaves are brittle and more difficult to wrap.

Frozen banana leave: should be taken out of the freezer for at least 2-3 hours, until the banana leave are completely thawed. Banana leave after defrosting are softer than fresh banana leave. Therefore, there is usually no need to dry or boil them like it.

3/ Effects when using fresh banana leaves to wrap food

  • Food will be “enriched” with antioxidants

Banana leave are rich in natural plant compounds called polyphenols such as EGCG (also found in green tea). This is a natural antioxidant, protecting the body from free radicals that cause many diseases, including cancer.

Food when stored in it will absorb those beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. Furthermore, fresh banana leave are also antibacterial as their waxy coating protects the leaf surface from contamination, and it is said to kill pathogens.

  • Cleaner and safer

Single-use plastic and foam boxes used to store food such as boxed lunches, fast food, food for picnics and outdoor travel, may not be thoroughly cleaned and contain some potential pathogens. In addition, this is not environmentally friendly and increases the amount of plastic waste.

While fresh banana leave do not take too much time to clean, the reason is that they have the natural ability to fight dirt and bacteria. Therefore, just wash with water, dry and you can use it immediately.

  • Use fresh banana leaves to protect the environment

Banana leave can decompose in a short time, while it takes hundreds of years for plastic plates or boxes to decompose. Furthermore, plastic is the waste that leaves the most long-term consequences in the environment. Even when decomposing, it only breaks into small pieces, enters the water source and continues to slowly destroy the ocean.

  • Eating food wrapped in banana leaves will make you feel more delicious

Maybe you don’t know, banana leaves are covered with a layer of wax that has a very different flavor. When hot food is left on the leaves, the temperature causes the wax layer to melt and blend with the food. This provides an enjoyable culinary experience and will certainly make your appetite much better.

  • Fresh banana leaves are completely free of chemicals

It is worth noting that plastic cups and plates may still have chemicals left over from the production process or detergents and soap (when reused) can still remain on them, causing food contamination. Meanwhile, if you use banana leave, you do not need to wash with soap, so there is no need to worry about food being contaminated with chemicals.

4/Unexpected uses of banana leave

Strengthen resistance

One benefit of it is that they help cool down and increase the body’s resistance. The allantoin content in this product is very beneficial for the immune system.

Boil banana leave and let cool, then add a little honey to increase properties and flavor. Drinking banana leave water will speed up the healing process and protect the body from disease attacks.

Treat dysentery

Dysentery occurs when the intestines become inflamed, leading to bleeding during defecation. One of the folk remedies for dysentery is banana leave. Because this leaf can overcome intestinal inflammation.

Effective treatment for sore throat

One of the great benefits of banana leave is reducing sore throat pain. Just boil dried old banana leaves. Next, boil it like normal tea and drink it twice a day to improve symptoms of sore throat.

Maintain beauty and beautify skin

Banana leaves are ingredients that help beautify skin naturally. Allantoin and antioxidants in banana leaves help prevent signs of premature aging on the skin such as wrinkles and freckles.

Furthermore, banana leaves also treat skin irritation, reduce acne and provide necessary moisture to the skin. You can also puree or use banana leaf broth to apply on your face and entire body for smooth skin. At the same time, drinking boiled banana leaf water regularly can kill bacteria on the skin and help keep the skin healthy and firm.

Helps keep hair strong and healthy

Another effect of banana leaves is to clean the scalp and help keep hair healthy. If you feel itchy on your scalp, have dandruff or easily break hair, apply a banana leaf mask to your hair for half an hour and rinse. Then, the itchy scalp will improve and the hair will become stronger.

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