1/ What is dried monk fruit?

Dried monk fruit is a familiar herb to many Vietnamese people. Previously, the most common way to use dried monk fruit was to make drinking water. The water cooked from the dried monk fruit is sweet and cool, so everyone likes it. Especially in hot summer weather. Just a cup of monk fruit water is enough to relieve fatigue or heat
is round and spherical. Each fruit is only about the size of a child’s fist. When young, it is green. When exposed and dried, it becomes dark brown. The outer shell is smooth and covered with a thin layer of hair.

This fruit has a lot of flesh and seeds. In fact, the outer shell of the fruit when dried is quite brittle. Squeeze lightly and it will break. The fruit’s flesh is ivory white, spongy and light. The sticky membrane on the peel will have 10 stripes running along the fruit. The seeds of the monk fruit are round and flat. The middle of the seed is concave so it looks like a small groove.

2/ Nutrients contained in dried monk fruit

According to research, dried monk fruit is rich in vitamin C, nickel, manganese, zinc, tin or iron. There are also many other trace elements that are good for the body

3/Overview the uses of dried monk fruit

It is used as a medicine to help increase longevity. Helps keep internal and external body temperatures balanced. When using them to make medicine, people often use it to make medicine to relieve coughs, relieve phlegm and treat respiratory diseases…

At the same time, it also helps laxatives and treats intestinal conditions. For example, chronic enteritis. Along with that, it is low in calories and glycemic content. So you can use it as a substitute for artificial sugar.

Ancient people have researched that it clears heat and detoxifies well. At the same time, it also eliminates coughs and reduces phlegm.

4/ 6 effects of dried monk fruit

1. Prevents oxidation well
The sweetness of dried monk fruit is created thanks to mogrosid. This is an extremely powerful antioxidant that has been proven by scientists. Thanks to that, it prevents the aging process. Or more accurately, it helps slow down the aging process. Free radicals also do not have too many opportunities to attack the body.

2. Reduce the risk of being overweight or diabetic
It has a natural sweetness so you can use it like sugar when cooking. Furthermore, the amount of calories in it is considered low. So people with diabetes or obesity can use it. Even normal people using them will reduce the risk of the above diseases.

In fact, it is not until now that people use this fruit to treat diabetes. Since ancient times,  people have used it to treat this disease. It has this effect because it helps produce more insulin. At the same time, the sugar content in the body is also greatly reduced. Thanks to that, preventing diabetes is the easiest way.
3. Prevent inflammation, reduce constipation, cool the body well
If there are signs of internal heat or difficulty defecating, people often boil water from this fruit. Furthermore, it also has good anti-inflammatory properties. From there, it reduces the possibility of inflammation in damaged areas in the body.

4. Reduce the risk of cancer. Good support for cancer treatment
Thanks to its good antioxidant content, it helps prevent tumors from forming. At the same time, it prevents cancer cells from multiplying.

You can rest assured that the sugar in dried monk fruit does not affect the health of people with cancer. Because they are natural sugars.

5. Avoid infection
It can be considered a natural antibiotic for mild infections. After conducting tests on people with tooth decay or periodontal disease. Then one can see that bacteria have been surprisingly prevented.

Furthermore, research also shows that it can reduce the risk of candida infections. At the same time, it also helps treat them.

6. Prevent fatigue, help the body have more energy
According to experiments by many scientists, when rats are given water cooked from arhat fruit. Then it can operate for a much longer time. Because  has many natural sweeteners. From there it makes the body less tired. Provides lots of energy for the body. Especially people who often work tirelessly.

5/ Who should not use dried monk fruit regularly?

Although it has many good health effects, however, the following people are recommended not to use this fruit regularly, including:

  • Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding.
  • People are suffering from colds, coughs, colds, cold limbs, etc. The cause is that Arhat fruit has cold properties, which can be more serious than the condition the patient is experiencing.
  • People at risk or allergic to ingredients in Arhat fruit.
  • People who are using medications should also consult a doctor.
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