1/ What is handmade soap?

Handmade soap is a type of soap that is produced manually by hot method (hot process) or cold method (cold process) with natural ingredients and does not contain chemicals. preservatives as well as artificial foaming agents.

These beautiful soaps are handcrafted through a strict quality control process to create beautiful spa soaps, which are distributed to at least 14 countries worldwide.
Can be used as soap or deodorizer in the bathroom, closet, drawers or as a decoration in your beautiful home.
In the current era, when the demand for health and beauty is increasing, handmade soap is gradually becoming a popular trend. Therefore, handmade soap brings great benefits to health and the environment.

2/ 7 Great uses of handmade soap

2.1. Cleanse the skin

Similar to other soaps on the market, handmade soap was created to help you remove oil, grease, dirt, and bacteria on your skin. The product is considered to have the same cleaning ability as industrial soaps without causing dry skin.

You need to note, because the ingredients of handmade soap do not contain sodium lauryl sulphate – a detergent that cleans lubricants on the skin and has a high foaming ability, so when using handmade soap you will see not too much foam. However, this does not mean that “less foam means less clean” as many people think. By replacing sodium lauryl sulphate, handmade soap manufacturers have added ingredients such as coconut oil and castor oil to remove skin dirt, bacteria and oil.

2.2. Acne treatment

This is considered one of the most “divine” uses of handmade soap (natural soap). Because in the ingredients of this soap, in addition to cleaning agents such as coconut oil, palm oil…, depending on the product line, essences from bitter melon, turmeric, moringa, tea tree, and herbal extracts are also added. This provides anti-inflammatory properties, reduces swelling and effectively prevents fungus. At the same time, these natural ingredients also help speed up the process of tightening and drying acne on the skin, slowing down the aging process.

The product is completely natural, so it will not cause irritation and is suitable and safe for all skin, including sensitive skin or children.

2.3. Treats dark spots, supports skin lightening

As analyzed above, the ingredients of handmade soap are always supplemented with more than 2 types of natural essences along with coconut oil, palm oil… In which, palm oil contains a content of vitamin A that has the ability to nourish the skin. Moisturizes, helps smooth skin from deep within. In particular, it helps accelerate collagen production and repel melanin pigments that cause darkening. Thanks to that, your skin is not only clean but also becomes more radiant every day.

2.4. Exfoliate

In addition to other natural soaps with cleaning effects, some more special lines are supplemented with small scrub particles and ingredients such as activated carbon, natural salt, rice husks,… to help gently removes the stratum corneum – dead skin on the skin, the “pierced head” makes your skin less smooth and dull.

2.5. Maintain healthy skin

Unlike industrial soaps, the glycerin part is removed during the saponification process. Handmade soap retains 100% of this precious ingredient, thereby helping the skin stay healthy, smooth and fresh.

In addition, the pH of handmade soap is usually in the range of 9 – 10 pH (milder than industrial soap), so it does not dry out the skin at all.

The product is also considered to contain many natural ingredients so it will provide long-term skin care.

2.6. Helps you relax

Handmade soap is produced more “creatively” with many extremely relaxing scents such as lavender, sweet orange, lemongrass,… Using soap not only helps you clean your skin, nourishes it from Deep inside, it is also an extremely effective hobby that helps relax!

2.7. Helps you form a green lifestyle

The product does not contain toxic chemicals, so when decomposed, it is also extremely environmentally friendly. At the same time, handmade products are often stored in paper bags or recyclable boxes. This contributes greatly to your green lifestyle

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