Purple sweet potato powder is not only delicious but also contains many nutrients that are very good for health. Nowadays, purple sweet potato powder is produced to replace sweet potatoes to help prolong shelf life and make transportation easier. To help readers better understand the benefits that purple sweet potato powder brings, let’s learn about 7 wonderful uses of purple sweet potato powder through the article below.

1/ Learn about purple sweet potato powder

Purple sweet potato powder is a powder made from pure, high-quality purple sweet potatoes, processed by peeling, drying and other processes. It retains all of the purple sweet potato’s dry matter except the skin: protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

2/ Nutritional composition of purple sweet potato powder

Purple sweet potato powder is usually composed mainly of carbohydrates, protein, fiber and almost no fat.

Carbohydrates: Starch is the main ingredient in the majority of it, including simple sugars such as glucose, fructose, sucrose and maltose.

Protein: Compared to starch, the amount of protein in sweet potatoes is relatively low. Proteins that account for 80% of the total proteins found are called sporamins, which have antioxidant effects and bring great health benefits. In addition to starch and sugar, purple sweet potato powder also contains a lot of fiber to help increase the body’s laxative ability. Besides, it is also an excellent source of manganese, vitamin C, potassium and 18 types of amino acids that are very good for the digestive system.

3/ Uses of purple sweet potato powder

With ingredients containing many nutrients and beautiful colors, this product is commonly used to prepare a variety of dishes, used to prevent and treat diseases and is used by women for beauty.

3.1 Health benefits

# 1. Use to prevent cardiovascular diseases: Purple sweet potatoes have a good effect in preventing high blood pressure. Potato peels are rich in anthocyanin, which can prevent heart attacks, reduce the risk of stroke and prevent the formation of blood clots in blood vessels.

#2. Protect and restore liver function: According to research results, people who regularly use it will help protect the liver better because sweet potatoes contain rich manganese, calcium, vitamins A, B, and choline. …very good for the liver.

#3. Good for people with diabetes: Although sweet potato powder contains a lot of starch and sugar, these are low-energy, easily digestible sugars that are very beneficial for diabetics. In addition, anthocyanins found in purple sweet potatoes are also effective in regulating blood sugar levels in these patients.

#4. Prevent cancer risk: Purple sweet potato powder has the ability to prevent cancer cells from spreading. Because the starch in purple sweet potato powder can convert itself into a beneficial fatty acid that helps increase intestinal immunity, thereby inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and causing it to self-destruct. Therefore, to prevent this dangerous disease, using purple sweet potato powder regularly will bring positive effects in preventing cancer.

3.2 Used for beauty purposes

#5. Supports weight loss: If you want to lose weight and quickly have a slim figure, use it in your daily menu. Purple sweet potato powder contains a lot of fiber and is low in fat and cholesterol, helping to effectively prevent the process of converting sugar in food into fat and fat in the body.

#6. Helps beautify the skin: You can use it mixed with fresh milk or yogurt, apply the mixture on your skin to help make your skin bright and smooth.

3.3 Used in cuisine

#7. Sticky rice, sweet soup, cakes,…

With its purple color and characteristic aroma, purple sweet potato powder is used to make many dishes such as sweet soup, jelly, moon cakes, porridge, soup,… very delicious and convenient.

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