1/ Information about lemongrass

Lemongrass is a very popular herb in Vietnam. Lemongrass is often used as a spice to prepare many delicious and attractive dishes, as an ingredient to make tea, drink and is widely used in folk medicine.

2/ Chemical composition

 contains many important chemical components such as: lemongrass, citral, geraniol and citronellol.

Each plant contains from 1.5 to 2% essential oil depending on the variety and ecological conditions, 60-85% citra, 40% geraniol. Citra has a lemon position and is a semiconductor material for the synthesis of a number of important industrial products. To analyze citral from lemongrass essential oil, fractionation must be carried out. Geraniol, linalool and citronellol are isolated from lemon oil for use as flavoring agents.

3/ Nutritional composition of the whole plant

100 grams of lemongrass contains:

– Energy 89 Kcal

– 0.9 grams of protein

– 1.3 grams of fat

– 18.4 grams of Glucid, Carbohydrate, Carb

One cup of them contains more than 10% of the iron, zinc, folate and potassium recommended by nutritionists for daily use. In particular, the manganese content used is up to 175% of the recommended daily use content

4/ Uses

1. Good for the digestive system

The first effect of it that must be mentioned is its ability to prevent flatulence. With essential oil active ingredients that have a fragrant, spicy taste and warm properties, lemongrass is classified as a qi medicine in traditional medicine, treating sluggishness and flatulence of the digestive tract. Therefore, in Vietnamese culinary culture, lemongrass is considered a spice that helps stimulate digestion. Besides, it also eliminates bad breath and reduces phlegm.

Furthermore, tea dishes made from lemongrass and it essential oil also have the effect of supporting poor digestion, slow digestion, bloating, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, intestinal spasms, diarrhea or irritability. likes flatus. However, you also need to pay attention to distinguishing cases of bloating, abdominal pain, vomiting, frequent bowel movements in diarrhea, food poisoning… This is an acute case that requires specific examination, you should not Use lemongrass for treatment.

2. Supports cancer prevention

There are some opinions that the citral compound in lemongrass has the ability to help kill cancer cells and not harm other healthy cells.

Experts also encourage us to add them to food or grind them to make a drink instead of tea. In addition, some other studies also show that it contains beta-carotene-1, an antioxidant that can help the body prevent cancer.

3. Helps lose weight

This method has been applied very effectively because it has the ability to cut calories in dishes.

4. Supports the treatment of menstrual disorders

The use of it is beneficial for women who often experience menstrual disorders and abdominal pain during menstruation.

According to many people, you can apply the formula of combining a few drops of lemongrass essential oil with a little black pepper powder into a liquid mixture to drink gradually. Besides, women can also juice them or decoct them to drink to reduce abdominal pain during menstruation and regulate menstruation.

5. Helps relieve pain

The citral in them essential oil can help relieve pain because it reduces inflammation. According to a 2017 study of people with rheumatoid arthritis, topical application of lemongrass oil reduced their arthritis pain. On average, pain levels gradually decrease by 80 to 50% within 30 days.

6. Helps detoxify

It has the ability to help the body eliminate uric acid and other toxic substances. Therefore, adding it to the diet can have a detoxifying effect on the liver, digestive system, pancreas, kidneys and bladder. At the same time, it also has the effect of purifying the body by increasing the quantity and frequency of urination.

7. Helps reduce fever

It can be used to treat malaria, flu and colds by eating it raw or pounding it into juice to drink. Therefore, storing some lemongrass at home is extremely useful and convenient.

8. Helps reduce coughs and colds

This product is a medicinal herb with a sweet, spicy taste, fragrant aroma, and warm properties. Therefore, this is also used as a remedy to eliminate phlegm, relieve colds, and reduce coughs

5/ Some notes

Lemongrass can be used for food, beauty or short-term treatment. It is a relatively safe plant for most people. However, you need to keep in mind a few things when using it to avoid unwanted side effects.

  • Do not drink lemongrass essential oil or smell it directly: If you smell the essential oil directly, you may have health problems related to your lungs and be in danger of your life if you swallow insect repellent made from lemongrass oil.
  • Pregnant women should not eat it: Pregnant women should not eat it, because it stimulates the uterus, increasing the risk of miscarriage.

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