Classification : Pure Asparagus Powder
Packing : Boxed 100g and box 250g
Ingredients: Asparagus powder is made from 100% asparagus type 1, crushed into powder, the powder is very fine and fragrant, when mixed, there is no residue, no impurities, natural green powder
Produced based on modern technology, the powder product retains up to 93% of the nutrients and vitamins found in fresh asparagus.
Committed not to use colorants or fragrances
Expiry date: 1 year from date of manufacture
Usage: Use as food, drink
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Asparagus powder
In order to meet the needs of customers who want to use asparagus as well as products processed from asparagus. Recently, Dung Ha we launched a new product Asparagus Powder Asparagus powder is made from 100% of fresh asparagus stems and sprouts using freeze-drying technology to retain up to 93% of nutrients and vitamins from asparagus. . This is the result of our most thorough and thorough research to date.

Uses of asparagus powder
Asparagus powder has a sweet taste, light aroma and when processed, it is very soft and has a natural aroma. Therefore, asparagus powder is suitable for many subjects and ages.

 Asparagus powder helps to supplement nutrition for children who are weaning, for children who are lazy to eat vegetables
Children in the period of 6-8 months is the period when children start to learn to eat, also known as the “weaning” stage, the way to prepare vegetables for children in this period is also upgraded and changed to help the baby taste good. more mouth. Asparagus porridge is a great combination of the starch of rice with the high nutritional content of asparagus powder. Asparagus powder porridge helps provide natural fiber rich in nutrients to help supplement the energy needed for the development needs of children during the weaning period. Asparagus powder porridge helps children eat more delicious. In addition, the product is also added with vitamins, minerals, DHA and soluble fiber Inulin to support brain development, good for baby’s digestive system, for baby’s healthy physical development. + Supports brain development: DHA combined with Folic Acid, Iodine, Iron + Supports healthy digestive system: Asparagus powder is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

. Asparagus powder helps supplement nutrition for the elderly and sick
Malnutrition is a fairly common condition today, not only among young children but also the elderly are also at risk. Elderly people with poor resistance are very susceptible to diseases such as: high blood pressure, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, bones and joints… etc. Asparagus powder contains a rich source of omega-3, which helps to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. aging in adults. In particular, providing a lot of minerals and fiber is very good for the digestive system of the elderly. Asparagus powder is very good for the elderly, the sick. Using asparagus powder cooked with porridge, soup helps to add nutrient content to the body. Especially to help the digestive system work more easily Asparagus powder is one of the most recommended nutritional foods for the elderly.

Asparagus powder used for dieting women during weight loss
Asparagus powder is rich in fiber, so it is very good for women on a diet or in the process of losing weight. This is one of the safe and natural weight loss methods, asparagus powder is used as an alternative to eating green vegetables. You just need to buy asparagus powder and mix it with warm water and use this product. Using asparagus powder is like cereal flour, when mixed with powder, it will be very fragrant, easy to drink. You should drink it early in the morning to achieve the best weight loss effect, asparagus powder helps you live healthier, maintain a beautiful body as you want. In particular, asparagus powder has no side effects or causes a feeling of sluggishness or fatigue!

The products we offer are USDA and EU certified organic with a Guaranteed Organic Certificate for each shipment.


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