Product Type: Seaweed
Variety: Laver
Style: Dried
Cultivation Type: Organic
Processing Type: Seasoned
Length (cm): 5
Certification: HACCP
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Yellow thread seaweed is a lower plant with other names: thread seaweed, fairy hair seaweed, belonging to a family with propeller antennae, but the thread is as thin as a hair or willow leaf, with a natural light yellow-brown color. However, when soaked in seaweed water, it will expand and have cartilage, so when eating seaweed, you will feel the cartilage of the horn is very delicious and strange.

Color: The color of seaweed when fresh is green or yellow-green, when dried, it is usually purple-brown, black-brown or pale yellow.
Taste: Yellow seaweed when eaten has a characteristic mild fishy taste of the sea, with a sharp crispness.
Shape: Round or slightly flattened, slender, branched thread.
Yellow seaweed can be used to make many delicious dishes such as:
Used to cook tea, cook Xu Xa, jelly to cool down very well, or make mannequins, salads or stir-fries with meat.

Making pickle from yellow seaweed is also very delicious, or dried and crushed and eaten as fresh vegetables. Yellow seaweed can also be fried, fried eggs and processed into many other dishes.
Soak the seaweed for 1 hour in clean water for the seaweed to bloom evenly. Then wash, cut into pieces as desired and use to mix salads, stir-fries, eat raw, make soups or prepare other dishes.

The products we offer are USDA and EU certified organic with a Guaranteed Organic Certificate for each shipment.


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