Product Type: MUSHROOMS
Style: Dried
Color: black
Source: Cultivated
Certification: HACCP
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Mushrooms help enhance immune function, regulate blood fat, fight atherosclerosis, reduce blood sugar, slow aging, anti-ulcer, anti-fungal…
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cat mushrooms are average, sweet, laxative, and laxative. Mushrooms grow on dry stems, shaped like ears, brown or black, also known as wood ear. The fungus mainly parasitizes mulberry trees, oak trees, elms, poplars, and grasshoppers. Previously, cat fungus grew wild, now it is mainly artificially bred.

According to Health Sina, modern experimental studies have found that cat fungus living on different types of wood contains pharmacological components with different uses. In general, black fungus mainly contains protein, fat, lecithin, sphingomyelin, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other inorganic components. This species has the effect of anti-clotting, anti-thrombotic, enhancing immune function, regulating blood fat, anti-atherosclerosis, lowering blood sugar, slowing aging, anti-ulcer, anti-fungal…

Mushrooms make food with a slight sweetness, depending on the taste of each person, you can add spices to create different delicious dishes. When used as medicine, cat fungus is a rare and valuable tonic, its medicinal properties are slow to develop, so it can be used persistently for a long time.

Mushrooms are like mild tonics that should be used for routine health care services or as a functional food. Severe cases of disease need to be combined with other drugs, cat fungus only to support treatment. This fungus is quite difficult to digest, has a smoothing effect on the intestines, affects the digestive tract. People who are allergic to wood ear and mushrooms in general should limit their use.

Mushrooms and red apples cook soup to help prevent spleen, treat freckles, strengthen muscles, used to treat freckles and thin. Ingredients include 10 g of black fungus, 10 red apples. Method: Rinse the mushrooms with cold water. Peeled red apple. Add enough water to the pot, add mushrooms and red apples to the stew for 30 minutes and then use as a soup.

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