Color Rice Paper

Color Rice Paper


  • Ricepaper/spring roll skin is used to make spring rolls, egg rolls.
  • Raw rice paper is coated with thin rice flour, (cake usually made from rice flour foods, coated very thinly coated meaning) should be called the roll.
  • Our rice paper is made from pure rice. Produced and dried by automatic system.
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Ricepaper is a thin steamed rice crepe (or sheet, as some people call them) that has been dried. Traditionally, rice paper gets dried on bamboo mats or stretchers of sorts, which explains why they have a woven, rattanlike pattern. Rice paper is a great way to store rice for a long time and it is convenient too. Right before using, it is rehydrated and softened in warm or hot water.

Vietnamese rice paper is a cooked ingredient and once rehydrated, it can be eaten as
is or fried. It is not for baking so don’t think it can be used like phyllo pastry!


Instructions for Use:

1. Usage to roll the freeroll:
Take one piece of rice paper to the hand, a cup of water, make wet the surface of rice paper, they can use to wrap with meat, beef, seafood, eggs, vegetables. Ready to eat.

2. Usage to roll the spring roll:
Take one piece of rice paper to the hand, a cup of water, dip rice paper into the cup of water, the meat is made available in mid, roll up 3 sides then fry. We have a spring roll.

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