Dried Jackfruit Chips

Dried Jackfruit Chips


Material: 100% Fresh Jackfruit
Taste: Crunchy & Sweet
Process: Vacuumed Fry
Instruction for use: Eating, dessert meal
Moisture: 12% Max
Certification: ISO, HACCP
Characteristic: No other preservatives, additives, non SO2
Shelf life: 12 Months
Weight: 1kg/ bag
MOQ: 1000Kg

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Nutritious and Delicious Freeze Dried Jackfruit Fruit Slice
Freeze-dried Jackfruit is made from fresh and intact Jackfruit, without adding flavor, pigment or filling material. It is produced
in a fully enclosed automated aseptic workshop to ensure the quality of the product and maintain the natural color and flavor of the Jackfruit, making the product more natural. Health features.
Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 100g
Calories kcal: 480
Total fat: 21g (26% Daily Value)
Saturated Fat: 8g (42% Daily Value)
Trans Fat: 0g; Cholesterol: less than 5mg (1%)
Sodium: 0mg (0%)
Total Carbohydrate: 70g (25%); Dietary Fiber: 12g (41%)
Total Sugar: 50g; Protein: 5g
Vitamin D: 0%, Calcium: 6%,
Potassium: 25%, Iron: 6%
* Chosen from nine jackfruits.
* Thick, regular golden, strong sweet, specific smell.
* The crunchy feeling is felt in the mouth with sweetness and aroma.
* Not only delicious, but also good for health.
* Shelf life 1 year.
* Made in Viet Nam.
100% Fresh Jackfruit
Crunchy & Sweet
Vacuumed Fry
12% Max
No other preservatives, additives, non SO2
Shelf life
12 Months.

The products we offer are USDA and EU certified organic with a Guaranteed Organic Certificate for each shipment.


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