Dried Lemon Sliced

Dried Lemon Sliced


Ingredients: 100% Orange Lime , No-preservatives, No -additives, No-sugar
Size: Diameter:5-6cm, Thickness: 0.5 cm
Moisture: 10% max
Shape: Slice
Usage : cocktail, tea
Shelf life : 12 months
MOQ: 500kgs
– PE 0.5 – 5kg/package
– Packaging according to customer requirements

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How is the taste of tea made from dried lemons only?
Many people enjoy the taste of tea made from dried lemons. Lemon is a digestive aid and is frequently used to cleanse the body of toxins. Due to the antibacterial and antiviral properties of lemon, it is used to combat many kinds of afflictions from acne to nervous system disorders. It is also very helpful in balancing the body’s pH levels because of the alkalizing properties. Some people prefer a sweeter taste to dried lemon tea. To achieve a sweet flavour in a natural way, you can add honey to your lemon tea.


How can adding dried lemons to loose teas be beneficial to the taste?
Lemon is commonly added to various drinks, including tea, to give a fresher flavour. For those preferring a stronger taste, dried lemons are a great alternative to using fresh. They are not diluted in water, and therefore offer a more potent taste.






* Provide a natural strengthening agent to the liver enzymes when they are too dilute.

* The liver can make more enzymes out of fresh lemon juice than any other food element.

* The lemon helps fix oxygen and calciums in the liver because it regulates blood carbohydrate levels which affect the blood
oxygen levels.”

* Drink lemon slice water 500 ml everyday in the morning , helps digestion , cures constipation, and whitens skines.

Dried lemon slices can be added to water, iced tea, or hot tea. They can be added in baked goods such as cakes and muffins. Dried lemon slices are also added to avariey of recipes. They are excellent for adding to pot pourri mixes

Product Name
Freeze Dried Orange, Lime Slices
Natural Sour
Thickness: 0.5 cm
100% Orange Lime , No-preservatives, No -additives, No-sugar
* 100% natural ingredients
* Natural fruit flavor
* Dry fruits easy to storage
* Add more flavor with other dried fruits

The products we offer are USDA and EU certified organic with a Guaranteed Organic Certificate for each shipment.


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