Dried Rose Buds

Dried Rose Buds


Style: Dried
Color: Natural
Dry process: Air dried
Moisture: 12% max
Certification: HACCP, ISO
Shelf life: 12 months
Origin: Vietnam
Packing: 30-50 kg/bag or customer required
MOQ: 500 kg

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What is Dried rose buds ?
Dried rose buds are the main source of rose tea that is both delicious and good for health. Especially has great beauty effect. Besides, it is also used to make rose powder. This is also a very popular beauty product among women today.

Uses of dried rose buds
In oriental medicine, dried rose buds are often used as a valuable herb to treat many diseases effectively. Rose petals contain vitamin C, carotene, vitamins of group B, K and countless other essential minerals.
In addition, dried rose buds also contain calcium, which helps the body digest food and metabolism better. Potassium in roses also plays an important role for the functioning of the heart. Therefore, rose buds are often used as tea to drink with many great uses.

How to use delicious dried rose buds
There are many ways to use dried rose buds that are simple and delicious, but also nutritious and good for health. Here are a few uses that you should know.

Using rose buds to support the treatment of high blood pressure
10 – 20g white rose bud, good drink daily or brake with boiling water in a closed jar, after 20 minutes can be used, drink instead of tea.

Use rose buds to cure flowers
Rose buds 25g, alum sugar enough to use. Sac drink daily, drink while still hot. Drink for 2 weeks.

Use rose buds to treat constipation caused by heat
Fresh or dried white roses 25 – 45g, steeped with 150ml of boiling water for 20-30 minutes. Can add 1/2 teaspoon of honey or sugar, drink 3-4 times before meals. Drink for 15 days, can repeat the new course.

Who should not drink rose tea?
Rose tea is a very benign tea, very good for health and beauty. Therefore, it can be used for all subjects (except pregnant women). However, when using it, you should use it in a suitable dose, do not overdo it. Avoid unwanted side effects.

How to drink rose tea properly?
Each time you make rose tea, you should not use too much. It is best to use about 6 – 10 rose buds to have a good cup of tea.

The best time to drink tea is before going to bed. Or if you are looking to lose weight, you can take it before each meal to limit the absorption of many calories into the body.

When using, do not add romantic tea, green tea to rose tea. Because that will reduce the effectiveness of the tea.

Dry process
Air dried
12% max
Shelf life
12 months

The products we offer are USDA and EU certified organic with a Guaranteed Organic Certificate for each shipment.


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