Specification: MUNG BEAN
Product Type: Vigna Beans
Ingredients: MUNG BEAN
Style: Dried
Size: 3.2-3.8mm
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Green beans  are harvested from March to October every year. The old ripe fruit with the skin turning black will be harvested first, then brought to dry, separating the two shells to get the seeds

Mung beans green contain many healthy antioxidants such as phenolic acids, flavonoids, caffeic acid, cinnamic acid, etc. In vitro studies indicate that these mung bean antioxidants can reduce the growth of beans green. development of cancer in the lungs and stomach due to free radicals; strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, reduce the recurrence of prostate cancer. The high content of fiber in green beans helps to support the digestive system to maintain stability, reduce pressure on the intestinal tract, thereby also preventing colon cancer and gastrointestinal cancer.

Green beans tea must have become a favorite dish of many people. In addition to the refreshing feeling, the anti-inflammatory properties of green beans also help you prevent heat stroke, increase body temperature, thirst… Animal studies have also shown the antioxidants vitexin and isovitexin in the body. Green beans may help protect cells from heat-shock damage. Besides green beans, do not forget to add enough water every day to avoid electrolyte imbalance of the body.

Eating green beans can provide the pregnant mother’s body with up to 80% of the daily required folate, iron, protein, multivitamins and fiber. However, pregnant women should avoid eating raw bean sprouts made from chickpeas because the traditional method of making bean sprouts can harbor harmful bacteria that cause inflammation.

In addition, folic acid in green beans supports fetal development, plays an important role in the development of the heart, brain and respiratory system of infants.

The products we offer are USDA and EU certified organic with a Guaranteed Organic Certificate for each shipment.


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